• Objective: supporting the activities of units operating within the University of Warsaw aiming at the achievement of scientific excellence.
  • Beneficiaries: University of Warsaw research units planning the implementation of research activity bringing direct benefits to the University (increasing the prestige and internationalisation of the University of Warsaw).
  • Support duration: up to 9 months.
  • Eligibility criteria: submission of an application as in Annex no. 2 containing information about the planned activity, its schedule and estimated expenditure involved in its implementation.
  • Examples of projects: publication of a monograph forming an outcome of a project involving more than one unit of the University of Warsaw or a unit of the University of Warsaw plus a unit operating within other HEI, publication of a monograph in prestigious international industrial journals, visits of eminent domestic and foreign researchers (for example as speakers at prestigious conferences), internationalisation of scientific journals (condition: at least 10 points on the B list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and planned inclusion in the A or C lists), mobilities of research workers in order to establish contact with research universities (on one of the three international ranking lists – ARWU, THE, QS), etc.
  • Evaluation: projects will be formally verified and evaluated by employees of the Research Administration Office. The final decision will be made by the Vice Rector for Research.
  • Grant amount: established on individual basis, depending on the project. It should not exceed PLN 10,000. In individual cases (for example journal internationalisation), PLN 15,000. At no time, may it exceed 100% of funding granted by the unit.
  • Application processing time: 14 days of submission.
  • Precondition for implementation: an application or support by the Dean or the manager of the basic unit of the University of Warsaw and a declaration of funding submitted by the unit.


  1. Applications for all types of subsidies will be accepted on an ongoing basis at the Office of the Vice Rector for Research, email address:
  1. Information about awarded funds will be posted twice a year (in June and December) on the website of the Research Administration Office (
  1. Funds awarded as part of designated subsidies must be accounted for (substantive settlements are to be accompanied by a list of expenditure signed by the Bursar’s plenipotentiary at the Faculty/in the Unit within 30 days of project completion).